Dartboard turntable

Dartboard turntable

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Darts is a minigame located in The Round Table. A dartboard is located to the left when entering the game room at the back of The Round Table. It can be played in exchange for Knight Badges. Playing Darts costs 20 gol and can reward up to 20 Knight Badges. There are five rounds to play, each with one dart to throw. It is the easiest game to win in the game room and has the smallest prize.


First, the player positions the target cursor on a designated area. An aiming circle appears that indicates the possible areas the dart can land, the precision. The yellow circle indicates the accuracy of landing in the area.


The dartboard contains three scores: 10, 20, and 30. The 10's have a larger precision area, while the 30's have the smallest precision area. The turntable is divided in an almost even layout of precision areas. The 10's have four white areas, 20's have four red areas, while the 30's only have one green area that occupies part of a 10's area. By landing in one of these areas, points are awarded base on the numerical value posted in that area.

Aiming outside of the dartboard awards no points.


The amount of Knight Badges awarded depends on the final score. A perfect score rewards 20 Knight Badges. The minimum amount rewarded is 3 Knight Badges.

Amount of Knight Badges Score
3 0
5 >60
7 >90
9 >110
12 >140
20 150


  • The Darts minigame had a complete overhaul, changing the way the game works. Rather than the traditional dart board, it is now a turntable.


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