Day of Memories

The Day of Memories is a seasonal summer festival in Portia. It occurs on the 27th day of Month 2 and extends a few hours into the 28th day (thus appearing to be two days long on the Calendar).

Day of Memories - Townspeople Paying Respect

Day of Memories - Townspeople Paying Respect to Those Who Passed

The festival starts with a remembrance of the dead in Peach Plaza, with townsfolk bowing their heads to honor those who passed.

Scavenger Hunt Edit

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Ghost Badges randomly scattered around town, visible on the map

Day of Memories - Find the Item

Finding multiple Ghost Badges

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Stunned while riding a horse during the Scavenger Hunt

Beginning at 17:00, all participants will have 2 hours to go on a scavenger hunt looking for Ghost Badges around town. Badges appear randomly, sometimes stuck to walls or floors or standing on their own, and can be quickly located by either following the beams of light they shoot into the sky or finding their icon on the map. If the player wishes, they may ride a mount to reach badges faster and have a larger advantage over the townspeople.

The player is supplied with an Intimidating Gun which they can use to daze the other townspeople in their tracks. However, if the player gets stunned, they will also lose Ghost Badges to whoever stunned them. Large "ghosts" like those decorating the town will also wander around hoping to stun the player, though they move slowly and are easily avoided if the player is keeping an eye out for them.

All Ghost Badges collected during the scavenger hunt will belong to the player. The player may also be awarded bonus Ghost Badges depending on how they did during the hunt. Leaving the town borders will end the game. The hunt will end at 23:00. 

The player can exchange the badges they earned at the Gift Exchange, either immediately at the one located outside the mayor's office during the event, or at any time during Summer at the one in the Commerce Guild building.

Lighting Kongming's Lantern Edit

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After the scavenger hunt, the townspeople will start heading to the river to release lanterns into the sky for the second part of the Day of Memories, taking place from 0:00 - 2:00.

There will be some free lanterns to collect on a table near the riverside, though the player can buy more with Ghost Badges. After the "Lighting Kongming's Lantern" event banner appears on screen, releasing lanterns will reward the player with 1-2 friendship points with everyone. The player may release as many lanterns as they wish, though friendship points gained are capped at 10.

Gift exchangeEdit

Ghost Badges earned at the event can be used to purchase items at the cash register on Peach Plaza or at the Gift Exchange inside the Commerce Guild.

Gift Exchange icoGift Exchange
Gift Exchange
Item Name Amount Price
Smiley Face Wishing LanternSmiley Face Wishing Lantern
Smiley Face Wishing Lantern 10 5
Ghost BadgeGhost Badge
Bear Wishing LanternBear Wishing Lantern
Bear Wishing Lantern 10 5
Ghost BadgeGhost Badge
Bunny Wishing LanternBunny Wishing Lantern
Bunny Wishing Lantern 10 5
Ghost BadgeGhost Badge
Ghost Wishing LanternGhost Wishing Lantern
Ghost Wishing Lantern 10 5
Ghost BadgeGhost Badge
Wall CandleWall Candle
Wall Candle 10 10
Ghost BadgeGhost Badge
Balloons 10 40
Ghost BadgeGhost Badge
Day of Memories SignDay of Memories Sign
Day of Memories Sign 2 100
Ghost BadgeGhost Badge
Dancing GhostDancing Ghost
Dancing Ghost 2 150
Ghost BadgeGhost Badge
Ghost 1Ghost 1
Ghost #1 2 80
Ghost BadgeGhost Badge
Ghost 2Ghost 2
Ghost #2 2 80
Ghost BadgeGhost Badge
Ghost 3Ghost 3
Ghost #3 2 80
Ghost BadgeGhost Badge
Ghost 4Ghost 4
Ghost #4 2 80
Ghost BadgeGhost Badge
Ghost 5Ghost 5
Ghost #5 2 80
Ghost BadgeGhost Badge
Ghost 6Ghost 6
Ghost #6 2 80
Ghost BadgeGhost Badge
Ghost 7Ghost 7
Ghost #7 2 80
Ghost BadgeGhost Badge
Ghost 8Ghost 8
Ghost #8 2 80
Ghost BadgeGhost Badge
Ghost 9Ghost 9
Ghost #9 2 80
Ghost BadgeGhost Badge


  • More Ghost Badges can later be obtained from the Haunted Cave at any time of year, though the badges can only be traded during Summer.
  • Though the Kongming's Lanterns look like they could be furniture, they are not, and can only be either released or sold.
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Starting Mission: The Crashed Station during the Day of Memories

  • If Mission: The Poisoned Water is completed on Day 26, then Mission: The Crashed Station will begin on Day 27, regardless of the fact that it's a holiday. If the Collapsed Wasteland is not investigated before the remembrance of the dead begins, this leads to certain townsfolk being missing from Peach Plaza, instead crowded in front of the Collapsed Wasteland. This means Arlo and Remington are not accessible for gift-giving until the player deals with the mission. Immediately following the mission-related dialogue, the involved townsfolk will bow their heads to continue the Day of Memories, resulting in an eerie scene.