Dee-Dee Transports are mission items.

Dee-Dee Transports cannot be manually driven. Instead, they can only be ridden in a cutscene after interacting with Dee-Dee Stops within the Dee-Dee Transport System.

Obtaining Edit

The Dee-Dee Transport diagram is available in the Handbook from the start of the game, allowing the player to make Dee-Dee Transports before they actually get Assemble Dee-Dee Transport mission.

Level 1 Assembly StationLevel 1 Assembly Station Level 1 Assembly Station
Blueprint Materials
Dee-Dee Transport
Dee-Dee Transport

Usage Edit

Dee-Dee Transport is used in missions. It can also be placed in the player's workshop.


Dee-Dee Transport is used in Assemble Dee Dee Transport. While one Dee-Dee Transport is enough to complete the mission, there are four more extra commissions on the Commission Board that the player can opt to take. One of the commissions is immediately taken by Higgins the morning they are posted, unless the commissions are posted on a weekend.


Dee-Dee Transport is occasionally requested on the Commissions Board in Rank B or SS commissions.


Dee-Dee Transport can be placed on the ground in the player's yard as a decoration. It takes up 3x5 area and provides no attribute bonuses.

City Transporter achievementEdit

  • The fact that Higgins doesn't take commissions on weekends is imperative to getting the City Transporter Hidden Achievement.
  • In order to maximize the chance of getting the achievement, the player must build four or five Dee-Dee Transports in advance. The mission calls for a total of five transports, but it is possible to complete and hand in four of these, while also grabbing the fifth commission, allowing the player to complete the final Dee-Dee on a later date.
  • Additionally, the player must report the completion of the mission to install a battery on Amber Island to Gale on a Thursday. That way, he will announce the construction of the Dee-Dee Transport network on the following day, and the commissions will be posted at the Commerce Guild on Saturday. Higgins doesn't take commissions during the weekend, allowing the player to take all 5 commissions in turn and hand the Dee-Dee Transports in to Antoine without interruption. Since these are storyline commissions, the player can complete multiple of these on the same day.



The name Dee-Dee is most likely a reference to the Chinese rideshare app DiDi.

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