Desert Hoppers are creatures in Eufaula Desert that can be hunted for loot.


Desert Hoppers are found in the Eufaula Desert accessible after The Portia Bridge is completed. There are several groups of Desert Hoppers in the desert: in southwestern desert south of South Block, in northern desert near the edge of Eufaula Heights, in central desert south between the Desert Abandoned Ruins and Ingall's Mine, and in southeastern desert south of the Eufaula Tunnel.

Killing Desert Hoppers in a given group spawns their elite version, a Snake in a Box, once a day.

Desert Hoppers' levels range from 20 to 30.


Desert Hoppers are slow creatures, with movement speeds just below that of the player. They travel by hopping, and, like other hostile creatures, they will attack the player on sight and are able to enter water. When attacking, Desert Hoppers will bite the player and may poison them.


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