Dr. Xu's Clinic is located at the top of the inner city. The store is stocked with consumables.

Stock Edit

Dr. Xu's Clinic sells four different kinds of consumables.

Dr. Xu's Clinic icoDr. Xu's Clinic
Dr. Xu's Clinic
Item Name Amount Price
Herbs 10 6 Gols
Herbal MixtureHerbal Mixture
Herbal Mixture 10 16 Gols
Simple OintmentSimple Ointment
Simple Ointment 10 50 Gols
Bamboo IncenseBamboo Incense
Bamboo Incense 10 400 Gols

Acupuncture Edit

Main article: Acupuncture

Acupuncture allows the player to reset their skill tree. Phyllis offers this treatment when she is at the Clinic. Acupuncture has a starting fee of 1000Gols, which increases by another 600Gols after every treatment.


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