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The Duck Pond is a large body of water located west of Sophie's Ranch. Contrary to its name, no ducks are seen anywhere near the pond.

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A Dee-Dee Stop can be placed near the balloon ride attraction to allow fast travel via the Dee-Dee Transport System.


After suffering through a Panbat infestation at the Tree Farm, the trees had lost its water and nutrients. In order to save the Tree Farm, sprinkler system was set up to nourish the trees with water from the Duck Pond. A Water Wheel and Engine were installed near the pond to transport the water into the Tree Farm.

During the poisoned water epidemic, the Duck Pond, due to its relative location and isolation from the Portia River, was unaffected by the contaminated water.

Gale announced a new attraction beside the pond, which would utilize hot air balloons to carry people over the lands of Portia. A Dee-Dee Stop was installed near this attraction to serve faster transportation to and from the area.

Places of interests[]

While the Duck Pond and its surrounding areas are not marked on the map, the pond and the grassy fields around it comprise a beautiful and peaceful area. Illusion Bunnies roam south of the pond. A lift to the Western Plateau is found near the Duck Pond.



Balloon Ride[]

Balloon ride

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The balloon ride activity is available after completing Balloon Bonanza. This activity allows the player and a date to ride a hot air balloon over the city of Portia and surrounding areas and capture aerial views with their camera.