Endurance meter
Endurance - sprinting

Sprinting uses endurance

Endurance gives the player bursts of acrobatic energy, allowing the player to sprint and dodge roll. Unlike stamina, it automatically restores after a short period of time.

It is measured by a depleting green circle that appears when the player dashes or dodge rolls, the tail of which is yellow. If the gauge is completely depleted, the player will be unable to run or dodge roll. If the player stops sprinting or dodge rolling before the yellow part of the gauge runs out, then endurance will restore faster.

While riding a mount, endurance instead measures how much the mount can sprint or jump.

Increasing endurance Edit

There are several ways of increasing maximum endurance.

Certain skills can also affect maximum Endurance or Endurance consumption and efficiency, whether it is by leveling up faster to earn more points to increase skills, increasing Endurance itself, or reducing how much Endurance it takes to do an action.


Skill Levels Effect
Tier 1
Skill Battle Intensive Training
Intensive Training
5 Experience gained increase by 5% Arrow right 10% Arrow right 15% Arrow right 20% Arrow right 25% *
Skill Battle Evasive
3 Endurance usage decreases by 3 Arrow right 6 Arrow right 9 when dodge-rolling
Skill Battle Dash
2 Endurance usage decreases by 3 Arrow right 6 per second when sprinting
Tier 3
Skill Battle Recovery
2 Endurance recovery rate increases by 5% Arrow right 10%


Skill Levels Effect
Tier 2
Skill Gather Lively
4 Max endurance increases by 5% Arrow right 10% Arrow right 15% Arrow right 20%


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