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Ethea is one of the oldest existing states in the world of My Time at Portia; it existed as far back as the Day of Calamity, when disaster struck the world 330 years ago. It is considered the cultural home of most people's ancestors. It shares borders with Duvos, Barnarock, and Highwind and is directly north of Portia.


Today, Ethea is in a constant state of political turmoil as the Empire of Duvos takes more and more aggressive actions against it, including sending in their military. Because a peace treaty was recently signed between Duvos and the Alliance of Free Cities (which includes Portia), little has been done by Ethea's allies to stop the conflict. As tensions rise in Ethea, the people are preparing for battle to protect their sovereignty (though combat has not actually begun).

The current leader of Ethea is High Princess Alessa, who is in negotiations with Duvos to end the conflict but is prepared to go to war if necessary. The state's capital city is Grace.

Orzu RuinsEdit

At the center of the political conflict is a place known as the Orzu Ruins. Partly because Ethea has been around for so long, there is some debate as to where exactly the state's borders are, and so the people of Ethea and the Duvos Empire both claim the Orzu Ruins belongs to them (though a professor from Atara determined in his research that the Duvos Empire's claims do not have any true merit, and Etheans have been going to the ruins for hundreds of years). Currently, Duvos's soldiers block the entrance to the ruins so that Etheans cannot enter.

Connections to PortiaEdit

Ethea is known for many things among the citizens of Portia.

  • Aadit came to Portia as a refugee of the border crisis between Duvos and Ethea.
  • Petra is originally from Ethea, as well.
  • The clothing items Frosty Hat, Frosty Coat, and Frosty Trousers were originally designed and made popular in Ethea.
  • Lee tells a story of a dancing robot in Ethea that was found in some ruins and, after it was brought into town, hurt many people by shooting lasers from its eye.
  • After disaster struck the world in ancient days, the survivors of the disaster in Ethea were the ones to begin the tradition now known as the Day of Memories.

News ReportsEdit

The following stories are published in the Portia Times during the game:

Going by history, there is no question that the Orzu Ruins belongs to Ethea, one of the oldest existing states. In fact, Ethea existed as an entity very soon after people went underground after the Day of Calamity 330 years ago. While the extent of the borders of Ethea is debatable, since for so long it existed as a loose confederation instead of a political union, there's no debate when it comes to the Orzu region. Etheans have dived in these ruins for the last 250 years. Even Peach mentioned going there in his journals. Duvos does not have anything to stand on for their claim, other than they have an army stationed there.

While people have different speculations as to why Duvos is interested in these ruins, I think they're after the large amount of power stones and industrial engines under the Orzu Ruins. One must remember that Duvos fought a war with the Alliance of Free Cities over the ruins of Lucien for these exact same resources. Even though that war technically ended as a draw, Lucien was almost wiped out while the Empire barely suffered any structural damage.

In the bigger geopolitical picture, Duvos wants to gain a distinct advantage vis-a-vis Seesai. While it has less people and less resources overall, Seesai has good to great relations will almost every state on its border, except Duvos. I think the Emperor of Duvos wants to disturb or break this balance of power anyway he can to reach hegemony. That's why we have the current contentions at the Orzu Ruins.

What is strange however is the deafening silence coming from Atara. Ethea is not a part of the alliance; they are, however, the cultural home of our ancestors. Even though we have just signed a treaty of peace with Duvos, it does not mean we can just stand by while our friends face an existential threat.
— "Analysis of the Orzu Ruins Situation" by Professor Longstone of the University of Atara
A conflict between the Empire of Duvos and the Principality of Ethea is imminent as both states build up troops around the Orzu Ruins region on their border. Sightings by witnesses paint a picture of partial mobilization in Ethea, with almost all of their air assets moved to the border region.

Prices for power stones have sky rocketed in the capital city of Grace, as the military have received most of the shipments in recent days.

So far, there has been little word from the Alliance of Free Cities. Atara has stayed out of the conflict of words between Duvos and Ethea. Experts point to the recent thaw in relations between Duvos and the Alliance as the main reason.
— "Conflict Imminent!" dispatch from Ethea Capital Grace, reported by DuMont
Tensions have risen to their highest in years between the Empire of Duvos and the Principality of Ethea over the Orzu Ruins. The ruins has been a site of contention between the two states for the last twenty years. Tensions started rising when Duvos placed troops at the entrance to the ruins, blocking anyone not from Duvos from entering.

The High Princess of Ethea, Alessa, issued a statement saying: We are negotiating with the Empire of Duvos with hopes for a long term settlement over the Orzu issue. However, we will not accept the actions of the Empire against our citizens at the site. If these actions continue, we will have no choice but to fully defend our sovereignty.

On the streets of Grace, people are gearing up for conflict, with many throwing support behind the government. Ugo, a shop owner said: We're all gearing up for this fight, if Duvos think they can just walk all over us, they're in for a beating!
— "Tensions Rise Between Duvos and Ethea" dispatch from Ethea Capital Grace, reported by DuMont
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