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The Eufaula Heights is the hilly area that runs along the south side of the Portia River, near the Eufaula Desert. It is the only known location of Spladers and certain gatherable resources like Dragon Hearts and Chrysanthemums. It eventually becomes the site of Portia's new wind power generators in Mission: The Desert Wind.

A fishing spot can be found in the river between the Eufaula Heights and the Bassanio Heights, but it can only be reached from the Eufaula Heights side of the river.


  • The player can access the Eufaula Desert before building the Portia Bridge by going up the Bassanio Heights Lift, then jumping with the help of a mount across the river at its thinnest point. This requires the player to sprint on their mount towards the river, jump as close to the edge of the water as they can, then jump (right-click) off their mount before hitting the water.
    • The player can jump across on either side of the river with this method. (Tested on a Cotton Llama.)
    • This method also allows the player to simply ride the Dee-Dee Transport System all the way to the Bassanio Heights stop, then jump across the river to fish at the Eufaula Heights fishing spot.


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