Experience, or Exp, is granted from almost every activity the player does or commission they complete, and adds up towards the player's level.


Experience gain can be augmented by investing in the Intensive Training Skill.

Battle Skills
Tier 1
Skill Levels Effect
Skill Battle Intensive Training
Intensive Training
5 Experience gained increases by 5% Arrow right 10% Arrow right 15% Arrow right 20% Arrow right 25%. (Boosts all given Exp, except that given by missions.)



Example of Exp, Level, and Attributes, visible on the Character menu

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Each new level reached unlocks one Skill point, which can be spent to enhance fighting, gathering, or social activities. The maximum level a player can be is 99, for a maximum amount of 98 skill points, though the point total of all skill levels is 137. Therefore, it is impossible to fully level up every skill.

When leveling up, the base levels of the player's Health, Stamina, Attack, and Defense Attributes are also increased by set amounts. However, Stamina can only be increased to a maximum base value of 300 (which is reached at level 21), and can otherwise only be increased with certain equipment, accessories, and furniture placed in the Workshop.

Stat Level 1 Level-up
Health 110 +21
Stamina 200 +5
Attack 15 +2
Defense 8 +1

Stats not affected by level-upEdit

Endurance is not increased by level-up, instead requiring certain skills to be invested into in order to be improved. Resilience, Critical Chance, and Critical Damage are also not affected by levels, instead determined by the equipment, weapons, and accessories worn. 

NPC levelsEdit

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All characters start the game at a specific level, though not all NPCs are willing to engage in sparring or the Martial Arts Tournament. All NPCs will naturally increase in level over time.

Monster levelsEdit

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All monsters can spawn at specific levels. Monsters of the same type generally roam in groups of others that are about the same level.

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