Farming is a feature that allows the player to sow, grow, and harvest plants and trees for resources. The Small Planter Box for small crops and the Large Planter Box for trees and large crops are necessities for farming. Fertilizer can be used to make the plants and trees yield bigger harvests.

The Church of the Light makes use of this type of green technology to better the world. The organization sells special seeds in exchange for technology that is believed to endanger the world, such as Data Discs and Small Silicon Chips. Sophie's Farm Store also sells seeds, though her store takes Gols like most other shops.

Affecting harvestEdit


While crops are growing, the player can add Fertilizer to increase the amount of crops yielded at harvest. Fertilizer can be put into an Irrigation Tower and used in conjunction with Irrigation Flooring to automatically fertilize crops. The irrigation flooring has to be put underneath all squares of both the planter boxes and the irrigation tower for the transporting of the fertilizer to work.

Item Description Sell price

A smelly compound that can increase the yield of a harvest. Used in planter boxes. 15Gols

Irrigation Tower
A storage facility used to supply fertilizer to the planter boxes through the irrigation flooring. 750Gols

Irrigation Flooring
Special flooring that can transport fertilizer directly to the planter boxes. 50Gols

One Fertilizer provides 100 points when applied. One Small Planter Box can hold up to 300 Fertilizer points, one Large Planter Box can hold up to 600. Each crop planted consumes a specific amount of Fertilizer per day and requires a minimum of Fertilizer points to be happy. Crops kept happy during their whole growth period yield twice the amount the non-fertilized crops do. Keeping a crop happy part of its growth time has no effect on its harvest (crops grown from Special Giant Seeds are an exception). The Fertilizer points required for each crop can be found in the table below.


The Farm Guru Gathering Skill can also be learned to potentially increase the harvest. The skill can activate when the crop is harvested to double its yield, acting as if the crop has been kept fully fertilized during its whole growth period. The Farm Guru does not stack with the Fertilizer and has no effect on fully fertilized crops.

The skill activates even if a Helper harvests the crops. verify ]

Tier 3
Skill Levels Effect
Skill Gather Plant Guru
Farm Guru
4 Chance to get extra production from cultivation increases by 10% Arrow right 20% Arrow right 30% Arrow right 40%

Planter BoxesEdit

Planter boxes are tools for growing crops. Planter boxes come in two sizes: Small and Large. The Small Planter Box is used to grow smaller crops, such as Bamboo Papaya and Cotton. The Large Planter Box is used to grow trees or large crops, such as Apricot Trees and Giant Crops. Small Planter Boxes can be crafted in the Worktable and Large Planter Boxes purchased from the Church Store.

Planter Box Description Max Fertilizer Sell price

Small Planter Box
A box filled with soil, can be used to plant crops. 300 60Gols

Large Planter Box
A large box filled with soil, can be used to plant large crops. 600 180Gols

Normal cropsEdit

Each crop has a set amount of days it takes to grow. The crops only grow during their respective seasons; planting a crop in a wrong season will cause it to wither. However, fully grown but not harvested crop will stay in its planting box past the season it usually grows in.

Small Planter Box crops grow in one stage and are gone after they are harvested. On the other hand, trees grow in two stages: growth stage (time a sapling needs to reach maturity; 15 to 20 days depending on the tree) and harvest stage (time a mature tree needs to bear fruit; 4 to 8 days depending on the tree). All planted trees are persistent after harvesting their items, and will continue to produce more items after each harvest.


Fertilizer per Day is the amount of Fertilizer points consumed per day. Each bucket of Fertilizer used on a planter box is worth 100 points.

Happy Points is the amount of Fertilizer the plant needs to have in its planter box to stay happy and give the maximum yield.

Base Harvest is listed for crops not fertilized during the growth period. Fully fertilizer crops will yield twice that amount.


  • Crops kept happy part of the growth period still yield the base harvest, only the crops kept happy for their whole growth period yield the double harvest. It is therefore recommended to use fertilizer only if the player is sure they can keep a crop fully fertilized at all times.
  • The Farm Guru gathering skill only affects the crops that has not been fully fertilized during their whole growth period. It grants a 10-40% chance to get double yield when harvesting depending on the skill level.
Seed Planter box Growth Time Time to Next Harvest Season spring Season summer Season autumn Season winter Fertilizer per Day Happy
Base Harvest Additional Drops

Apple Tree Seed
Large 15 days 8 days Y Y Y Y 120 200

21-22 Apple

Apricot Tree Seed
Large 20 days 4 days Y Y Y Y 120 350

10 or 21-23 Apricot

Bamboo Papaya Seed
Small 8 days N/A N Y N N 50 80

Chili Pepper Seed
Small 4 days N/A N Y Y N 50 80

Cornball Seed
Small 10 days N/A Y Y Y Y 50 80

Cotton Seed
Small 5 days N/A Y Y Y N 50 80

Crystella Tree Seed
Large 8 days 8 days Y Y Y Y 50 80

18 Crystal

Layered Carrot Seed
Small 7 days N/A N N Y N 50 80

Lettuce Seed
Small 5 days N/A Y N Y N 50 140

Nitra Tree Seed
Large 15 days 8 days Y Y Y Y 120 200

29-30 Nitre

Potato Fruit Seed
Small 3 days N/A Y Y Y Y 50 20

Pumpkin Seed
Small 3 days N/A Y Y N N 50 80

Rainbow Flower Seed
Small 8 days N/A Y Y Y Y 50 80

Sisal Seed
Small 9 days N/A N N Y N 50 80

18-20 Linen

Wheat Seed
Small 3 days N/A Y Y Y Y 50 80

11-13 Wheat

Zeolora Tree Seed
Large 18 days 8 days Y Y Y Y 50 80 None

Costs and profitsEdit

One harvest cropsEdit

Profit per Day with Fertilizer Cost is calculated assuming the player purchases all fertilizer they use at Sophie's Ranch. Profit per Day w/o Fertilizer Cost does not take the Fertilizer price into account.

Seed Seed Price Days Sell Price per Fruit Base Harvest Amount Base Profit per Day Happy Harvest Amount Fertilizer to Keep Happy Profit per Day with Fertilizer Cost Profit per Day w/o Fertilizer Cost

Bamboo Papaya Seed
8Gols 8 9Gols 13 13.625Gols 26 5 (60g) 20.75Gols 28.25Gols

Chili Pepper Seed
99Gols 4 5Gols 19.5


39 3 (36g) 15Gols 24Gols

Cornball Seed
99Gols 10 13Gols 15 9.6Gols 30 6 (72g) 21.9Gols 29.1Gols

Cotton Seed
8Gols 5 5Gols 14.5 12.9Gols 29 4 (48g) 17.8Gols 27.4Gols

Layered Carrot Seed
16Gols 7 10Gols 12.2 15.14Gols 24.4 5 (60g) 24Gols 32.57Gols

Lettuce Seed
16Gols 5 7Gols 12.5 14.3Gols 25 4 (48g) 22.2Gols 31.8Gols

Potato Fruit Seed
4Gols 3 4Gols 9.7 11.6Gols 19.4 2 (24g) 16.53Gols 24.53Gols

Pumpkin Seed
4Gols 3 6Gols 5.7 10.67Gols 11.4 3 (36g) 9.47Gols 21.47Gols

Rainbow Flower Seed
16Gols[1] 8 12Gols 11.7 15.55Gols 23.4 5 (60g) 25.6Gols 33.1Gols

Sisal Seed
16Gols[1] 9 7Gols 19 14.78Gols 38 6 (72g) 19.78Gols 27.78Gols

Wheat Seed[2]
4Gols 3 3Gols 11.9 10.57Gols 23.8 3 (36g) 10.47Gols 22.47Gols

Multiple harvests cropsEdit

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This ignores the initial cost, and doesn't include the Special Giant Seed, which has variable outcomes, some of which are single-harvest.

Seed Growth Days Days per Harvest Fertilizer per Day Sell Price per Fruit Base Harvest Amount Base Profit per Day Happy Harvest Amount Profit per Day with Fertilizer Cost Profit per Day w/o Fertilizer Cost

Apricot Tree Seed
20 4 1.2 5Gols ? ? ? ? ?

Apple Tree Seed
15 8 1.2 5Gols ? ? ? ? ?

Crystella Tree Seed
16 ? 0.5 8Gols ? ? ? ? ?

Nitra Tree Seed
15 8 1.2 8Gols 29.5 29.5Gols 59 44.6Gols 59Gols

Zeolora Tree Seed
18 8 0.5 10Gols 24 30Gols 48 54Gols 60Gols

Giant CropsEdit

Main article: Special Giant Seed

Giant Crops are grown from Special Giant Seeds, and can be sold or entered in the Autumn Festival. They have a range of sizes depending on how well the seed was kept fully fertilized during its growth period.

Special Giant Seeds can be purchased from Mysterious Man for 500 Gols each or received for free for participating in the Autumn Festival Competition.

Special Giant Seed needs to be planted into a Large Planter Box. The crop type is determined when it is planted, so the player can reset the day and plant the seed again until they get a crop they desire.

Unlike with the normal crops, the time the crop is kept fully fertilized does not affect the yield but affects the crop size instead. Large crops range in size from Large, Great, Giant, Colossal, to King depending on how well they were kept fully fertilized (happy) during their growing period. Every Giant Seed regardless of the crop consumes 120 Fertilizer points per day and requires a minimum of 450 Fertilizer points to be happy.

All giant crops only yield a single item upon maturation, except for Giant Apple Trees. Giant Apple Trees produce one giant apple as well as Apples and Aroma Apples upon maturation, then continue to produce more giant and normal-sized fruit for as long as the tree lives. The amount of regular fruit produced is the same as the normal Apple Tree produces and doubles if the plant is kept fully fertilized for the whole growing period.

Every Special Giant Seed takes 22 days to grow, except the giant apple tree, which takes 28 days to mature and 22 days to produce subsequent harvests.

Sizes and costsEdit

Fertilizer numbers in the table below are estimates. Fertilizer Cost assumes the player purchases all Fertilizer they use at Sophie's Ranch; Fertilizer made in a Blender is roughly three times cheaper.

Time Kept Happy Size Minimum Fertilizer Needed Fertilizer Cost Description Sell Price
0-20% Large 0 0 The resulting produce is somewhat larger than usual. 100Gols
20-40% Great 11 132Gols The resulting produce is quite a big larger than usual. 150Gols
40-60% Giant 16 192Gols The resulting produce is much larger than the usual, it should be competitive at the Autumn Festival. 200Gols
60-80% Colossal 22 264Gols The resulting produce is much, much larger than the usual, it should beat most of the competition at the Autumn Festival. 350Gols
80-100% King 27 324Gols There are probably no other crop as big as this one. 500Gols


For the Autumn Festival Competition, certain King-sized crops likely guarantee first place, whereas Large or Great-sized crops are unlikely to place at all. Not every crop weighs the same despite being in the same size tier; King Pumpkins, Layered Carrots, Potato Fruits, and Bamboo Papaya tend to weigh the most.

Crop Name Large Great Giant Colossal King
Apple 9 18 30 48 60
Bamboo Papaya 7 15 26 38 50
Layered Carrot 13 26 41 58 78
Lettuce 7 13 21 30 40
Potato Fruit 11 24 39 56 76
Pumpkin 15 28 43 60 80


  1. 1.0 1.1 Traded for Small Silicon Chips; assuming each Chip sells for 80g.
  2. Wheat can be turned into Flour in a Blender to double its sell price.
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