Fertilizer is an item used in farming to increase crop yields.

Obtaining Edit

Fertilizer can be purchased at the following shop:

Store In Stock Price
Farm Store icoSophie's Ranch
Sophie's Ranch
999 12 Gols

Fertilizer can also be crafted using the following crafting station:

Blender iconBlender Blender
Item Time Materials

Usage Edit

Fertilizer is an important item in farming. It can also be gifted.


Fertilizer can be used in Small Planter Boxes and Large Planter Boxes to increase the amount of crops harvested. It can also be put into Irrigation Tower and used in conjunction with Irrigation Flooring to automatically fertilize crops.

One Fertilizer provides 100 points when applied. One Small Planter Box can hold up to 300 Fertilizer points, one Large Planter Box can hold up to 600. Crops planted in Small Planter Boxes consume 50 Fertilizer points per day, most crops in Large Planter Boxes (except Crystella and Zeolora trees, which consume 50 points) consume 120 Fertilizer points per day.

Each crop requires a specific amount of Fertilizer points to be happy. If the amount of Fertilizer in its planter box drops below the required level the crop will be unhappy. A fully fertilizer crop is a crop that is kept happy during its whole growth period. When harvested fully fertilized crops yield twice the amount the non-fertilized crops do.

When used on Special Giant Seeds, the amount and regularity of fertilization will instead affect the physical size of the large crop, ranging from Large, Great, Colossal, to King. Keeping the large crop fully fertilized every day results in larger produce that is more likely to win the annual Autumn Festival competition.

Gift Edit

Fertilizer can be given as a gift to other characters.

Social gift Gifting Characters
30?cb=20190209234330Mount Happy
Like: +2
30?cb=20190209234606Mount Neutral
Neutral: +1
50?cb=20171225161938Prompt cityEveryone Else
30?cb=20190209234606Mount Neutral
Neutral: 0
30?cb=20190209234621Mount Unhappy
Dislike: -2
Listed values are without The Giver skill, which gives an extra point.

Gift values displayed on this chart are for the PC release of My Time at Portia and may not apply to the console releases.

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