File Cabinet is a storage furniture item.

Obtaining Edit

File Cabinet can be obtained from Albert as a reward for completing Mission: Construction Crane or randomly obtained by opening a Lucky Chest.


File Cabinet can be placed in the Workshop, gifted, or recycled.


File Cabinet can be placed on the ground anywhere inside the player's house or their yard. It takes up 1x2 area.

When placed inside the house, File Cabinet boosts the player's maximum Stamina by 8.

File Cabinet has four slots to display items of the player's choice behind its glass doors. The player can place accessories, headgear, food, or small items in the slots.

File Cabinet can be dyed using Pigments.


File Cabinet can be given as a gift to other characters. It is a universally neutral gift.


File Cabinet can be placed in the Recycle Machine to produce the following items:

Recycle MachineRecycle Machine Recycle Machine
Item Type Time Returns
File CabinetFile Cabinet
File Cabinet
Furniture 15m


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