Fisherman's Axe is a tool used for logging.

Obtaining Edit

Fisherman's Axe can be crafted using the Worktable:

Level 3 Worktable
Item Tab Materials
Fisherman's AxeFisherman's Axe

Fisherman's Axe
Tools icon

Usage Edit

Fisherman's Axe can be used as a tool or given as a gift.


The player can put the Fisherman's Axe in an active inventory slot and use it for logging any sized trees and shrubs. Fisherman's Axe boosts the player's Attack by 260 when equipped.

Using the Fisherman's Axe consumes 5 Icon SP per hit. That stamina cost can be reduced with Mastery of Axe gathering skill.


Fisherman's Axe can be given as a gift.

Social gift Gifting Characters
Love      +20
Version 2.0.134712 Listed values are without The Giver skill, which gives an extra point.

Gift values displayed on this chart are for the PC release of My Time at Portia and may not apply to the console releases.

All other characters will default to Neutral.


Fisherman's Axe can be placed in the Recycle Machine to produce the following items:

Recycle Machine
Item Type Time Returns
Fisherman's AxeFisherman's Axe

Fisherman's Axe
Tool 15m
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