Fisherman's Badge is a type of currency.

Obtaining Edit

Fisherman's Badges are awarded for placing first, second, or third during the Fishing Day competition.

Usage Edit

Fisherman's Badges can be used to purchase items at the Gift Exchange during spring.

Gift Exchange icoGift Exchange Gift Exchange
Item Name Amount Price
Fishman's HatFishman's Hat Fishman's Hat 1 25 Fishman's Badge
Fisherman's ShirtFisherman's Shirt Fisherman's Shirt 1 40 Fishman's Badge
Fisherman's PantsFisherman's Pants Fisherman's Pants 1 50 Fishman's Badge
Carp FlagCarp Flag Carp Flag 2 15 Fishman's Badge
Fish BalloonFish Balloon Fish Balloon 2 8 Fishman's Badge
Fishing FlagFishing Flag Fishing Flag 2 15 Fishman's Badge
Kingfisher PennantKingfisher Pennant Kingfisher Pennant 1 25 Fishman's Badge

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