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Fishing Day

Fishing Day is a festival where the citizens of Portia compete in a fishing competition. It occurs on the 12th and 13th day of Month 1 between 08:00 - 15:00.

Prior to the festival, on Day 8, the player will receive a letter about the upcoming event. It reads:

Dear Citizen,
The annual Portia Fishing Day is happening in this Friday and Saturday! If you're interested in participating, bring your patience and fishing rod and register at the event!
Town Hall

The player will keep all of the fish that they caught during the competition. These fish can be sold for Gols, donated to the Portia Museum's Aquarium for rewards, cooked or dried, or directly gifted to characters. Giving certain Emperor fish to Gale during Present for the Celebration for the Day of the Bright Sun is an easy way to gain many Relationship points with the entire town at once.

Day of the Bright Sun town relationship bonus from present
Prompt happy +5 Beginner's Fishing RodBeginner's Fishing RodEmperor Banner FishEmperor Banner Fish

Emperor Blade FishEmperor Blade Fish Emperor FirefishEmperor Firefish Emperor Frog FishEmperor Frog Fish Emperor Golden SalmonEmperor Golden Salmon

+10 Emperor BubblefishEmperor BubblefishEmperor GoliathEmperor Goliath

Emperor Lantern FishEmperor Lantern Fish

+15 Emperor Gladiator FishEmperor Gladiator FishEmperor Wise FishEmperor Wise Fish

Festival preparation[]

Fishing Day icon

Fishing Day map icon

At the start of the day of the festival, the player should check the map for the location of the Fishing Tourney, since it can be hosted at any fishing spot available to them. Reloading the day will reset the location of the competition (unconfirmed, not working for year one), though once the first day has ended and saved, the location will be the same for both days. All locations have more types of fish and a higher rate of catching rare fish than usual while competing. To maximize the number of rounds competed in, the player should travel to the festival location immediately.

The player will need to bring a fishing rod as well as many Caterpillars to use as bait.

Fishing tools
Item Type Effect Source
Beginner's Fishing RodBeginner's Fishing Rod
Beginner's Fishing Rod
Fishing rod Basic fishing rod, fishing line breaks easily
Most time spent per fish
Classic Fishing RodClassic Fishing Rod
Classic Fishing Rod
Fishing rod Fishing line is stronger, easier to reel in fish
Decreases the time spent on catching fish
Master Fishing RodMaster Fishing Rod
Master Fishing Rod
Fishing rod Fishing line is very strong, very easy to reel in fish
Decreases the time spent on catching fish further
Museum reward
Bait Required to fish. One is spent every time a fish bites Sophie's Ranch
Foraging any plant

Additionally, the Fish Encyclopedia Skill allows the player to tell what a fish is before catching it, allowing them to skip over low-value fish and wait til a better fish bites. If the player does not have the skill but is of high enough level to have the skill points to get it, they can ask Phyllis for an Acupuncture treatment at Dr. Xu's Clinic to reset their skill points before Fishing Day.

Gather skills: Tier 3
Skill Levels Effect
Fish Encyclopedia
Fish Encyclopedia
1 Identify a fish before fishing

Fishing Tourney[]

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Sign-up area at the Eufaula Desert oasis

Once the player has arrived, they can interact with the sign-up area (the sign under the yellow umbrella, somewhere near the Gift Exchange stand) after 8:00 to start the fishing competition minigame. Each round costs 200Gols, 15 Stamina, and three in-game hours, with up to three rounds per day depending on how long it takes the player to arrive at the location.

Note: the player cannot sign up for the first round before 8:00; the Fishing Day banner must appear on-screen in order for the player to be able to sign up. The player must be registered for the current round in order to participate; simply fishing in the fishing spot without being registered does not count as participating in the tournament.

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Fishing in the competition

Once registered and the round has begun, the player has three minutes to catch as many fish as possible. Each fish is worth a different amount of points based on its type, length, and weight. Every single type of fish available in the game can be caught while competing in the tourney, regardless of the tourney's current location, and Emperor and King fish spawn more frequently. All of the fish caught are allowed to be kept once the festival is over.

The player competes against three other random characters. Each character has a different skill level, though sometimes they may perform better or more poorly than expected. Lower-skilled competitors generally have less success catching fish, and thus gain less points. Higher-skilled competitors generally catch fish more frequently, resulting in more points gained and more competition for the player to contend with.

Rewards for each round are immediately directly deposited into the player's inventory upon placing in the top three competitors in a round, so it is recommended to keep a few inventory spaces free prior to entering the event.


All fish species can be caught in the event spot and the catch chances of all fishes are changed during the festival.

Fish Size Catch chance
Common 64.52%
Emperor 32.26%
King 3.23%

The following table's values are based on roughly 10 catches per fish type.

Icon Tody's Fish-O-Rama Points per fish
Average of 1-10 points
Average of 19-30 points
Average of 31-50 points
Average of 90+ points


The following characters may participate in the festival. They each have their own level of fishing skill, making some harder to compete against.

Relative skill level Competitor


If placing in the top three, the player will receive the following rewards:

Fisherman's Badge Competition Rewards
Ranking Rewards
Fishing Day Rank 1
1st Place
Fishing Day Rank 2
2nd Place
Fishing Day Rank 3
3rd Place

Gift exchange[]

Fisherman's Badges earned at the event can be used to purchase items at the cash register at the event location or at the Gift Exchange at the Commerce Guild.

Since three rounds can be competed in per day, the player can earn a maximum of 30 Fisherman's Badges per day (60 per year). These badges can either be exchanged immediately at the Gift Exchange stand at the event, or exchanged at the Gift Exchange in the Commerce Guild building at any time during Spring.

Gift ExchangeGift Exchange
Item Amount Price
Fisherman's HatFisherman's Hat
1 25 Fisherman's Badge
Fisherman's ShirtFisherman's Shirt
1 40 Fisherman's Badge
Fisherman's PantsFisherman's Pants
1 50 Fisherman's Badge
Carp FlagCarp Flag
2 15 Fisherman's Badge
Fish BalloonFish Balloon
2 8 Fisherman's Badge
Fishing FlagFishing Flag
2 15 Fisherman's Badge
Kingfisher PennantKingfisher Pennant
1 25 Fisherman's Badge

Social talk Festival Dialogue[]

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