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The Food Store is located in Peach Plaza under the The Round Table sign and is owned by Django. Sonia, its shopkeeper, often stands to the side of it to chat with customers.

Relationship discount[]

The player can get up to 20% discount while shopping at the Food Store if they become friends with Sonia and 25% discount if they become her lover.


The store is stocked with mostly consumables, including drinks made by Django himself.

Food Store is the only place to get Baby Milk Powder needed to feed the player's children.

Lucky Cover is only sold in winter.

Food StoreFood Store Food Store
Item Name Amount Price Type
Apricot JuiceApricot Juice Apricot Juice 3 40Gols.png Consumable
Cheap SodaCheap Soda Cheap Soda 10 32Gols.png Consumable
Rainbow LemonadeRainbow Lemonade Rainbow Lemonade 10 52Gols.png Consumable
Lucky CoverLucky Cover Lucky Cover
Winter only
5 80Gols.png Wall decor
Porcelain PlatePorcelain Plate Porcelain Plate 5 40Gols.png Crafting material
Tall GlassTall Glass Tall Glass 5 360Gols.png Gift
Baby Milk PowderBaby Milk Powder Baby Milk Powder 10 120Gols.png Baby food


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Food Store will purchase the following items from the player: