Game controls allow the player to move their character, perform actions, talk to NPCs, and more. My Time at Portia typically uses the mouse and keyboard functions, although the game can also be played with a gaming controller.

Mouse and keyboardEdit

Keyboard/Mouse function Description
Mouse left
Left-mouse button
Mouse right
Right-mouse button
Dodge Roll
Mouse middle
Middle-mouse button
Keyboard space
Space bar
Keyboard shift
Shift (hold)
Keyboard tab
Lock-on switch
Keyboard wasd
Move Up (W), Left (A), Down (S), or Right (D)
A combination of two non-opposite keys allows for diagonal movement
Keyboard up
Up arrow
Move up
Keyboard left
Left arrow
Move left
Keyboard down
Down arrow
Move down
Keyboard right
Right arrow
Move right
Q Lock-on enemy
E Interact
R Fast exchange
T Rotate overworld item
I Inventory interface
F Relic scanner
G Handbook interface
H Social interface
J Calendar interface
L Missions interface
X Toggle walk and run
C Character interface
M Map interface