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Gathering refers to obtaining crafting materials by picking up materials on the ground that are scattered around Portia. Gathering does not require a special tool and uses very little Stamina. Some items "sparkle" to easily identify a gatherable item.

Occasionally, some characters may pick up items; for instance, Dr. Xu gathers Herbs within the outer walls near Central Plaza during his morning routine.

Useful skills[]

Gather skills
Skill Levels Effect
Tier 1
Skill Gather Luck is on my side
Lucky Me
5 Tree kicking and harvesting activities have a 6% Arrow right 12% Arrow right 18% Arrow right 24% Arrow right 30% chance to double the loot.
Tier 2
Skill Gather Power Up
Power Up
4 Maximum stamina increases by 2% Arrow right 4% Arrow right 6% Arrow right 8%
Tier 5
Skill Gather Charm Overload
Charm Overload
1 A 100% chance to get rare items from Tree Farm and Dana's Mining Company deliveries


Gathering is a common source for some materials and the only source for others.

Item Name Sell Price Location Other Sources Use
Animal FecesAnimal Feces Animal Feces 1 Gols Around Portia Loot
Farm Animals
Animal SkeletonAnimal Skeleton Animal Skeleton 24 Gols Eufaula Desert Loot Crafting
Asteria (material)Asteria (material) Asteria 6 Gols Eufaula Desert None Crafting
Bamboo PapayaBamboo Papaya Bamboo Papaya 9 Gols Collapsed Wasteland Farming Cooking
CaterpillarCaterpillar Caterpillar 1 Gols Any gathered plant Farm Store Fishing
Chili PepperChili Pepper Chili Pepper 5 Gols Eufaula Desert Farming
Sophie's Ranch
ChrysanthemumChrysanthemum Chrysanthemum 5 Gols Eufaula Desert
Somber Marsh
None Gifting
CoconutCoconut Coconut 3 Gols Starlight Island None Cooking
CoralCoral Coral 4 Gols Starlight Island None Gifting
CorianderCoriander Coriander 2 Gols Amber Island Emily's Food Stall Cooking
DiamondDiamond Diamond 200 Gols Animal Droppings Hazardous Ruins
Dragon HeartDragon Heart Dragon Heart 15 Gols Eufaula Desert None Crafting
Ginger (Ingredient)Ginger (Ingredient) Ginger 2 Gols Collapsed Wasteland None Cooking
HerbsHerbs Herbs 1 Gols Everywhere Dr. Xu's Clinic
Plant FiberPlant Fiber Plant Fiber 0.5 Gols Around Portia Logging
Tree Farm
Red MushroomRed Mushroom Red Mushroom 10 Gols Tree Farm Emily's Food Stall Cooking
ResinResin Resin 9 Gols Amber Island Logging
Shaggy ManeShaggy Mane Shaggy Mane 7 Gols Tree Farm Emily's Food Stall Cooking
ShellShell Shell 1 Gols Beach
Eufaula Desert
Loot Crafting
Snake BerrySnake Berry Snake Berry 1 Gols Around Portia Cross Five Cooking
Starlight CoralStarlight Coral Starlight Coral 30 Gols Starlight Island None Crafting
StoneStone Stone 0.5 Gols Around the Workshop Mining
A&G Construction Store
Total Tools
StrawberryStrawberry Strawberry 2 Gols Somber Marsh None Gifting
WoodWood Wood 0.5 Gols Around the Workshop Logging
Tree Farm
A&G Construction Store
Total Tools


Some seeds can be obtained when gathering Animal Feces on the fields. Chili Pepper Seeds can be obtained by gathering Chili Peppers in the Desert.

The seeds can be planted into the Planter Boxes in the player's Workshop.

All of these seeds can also be purchased at the Farm Store.

Item Name Sell Price Purchase Price Obtained by
Bamboo Papaya SeedBamboo Papaya Seed Bamboo Papaya Seed 2 Gols 8 Gols Gathering Animal Feces
Chili Pepper SeedChili Pepper Seed Chili Pepper Seed 9 Gols 99 Gols Gathering Chili Peppers
Lettuce SeedLettuce Seed Lettuce Seed 4 Gols 16 Gols Gathering Animal Feces
Potato Fruit SeedPotato Fruit Seed Potato Fruit Seed 1 Gols 4 Gols Gathering Animal Feces
Pumpkin SeedPumpkin Seed Pumpkin Seed 1 Gols 4 Gols Gathering Animal Feces
Wheat SeedWheat Seed Wheat Seed 1 Gols 4 Gols Gathering Animal Feces