Gols Symbol

Gols are the main currency in the world of My Time at Portia. They are represented by the Gols icon.

Obtaining Edit

The player can obtain Gols a variety of ways:

Use Edit

Gols are primarily used for exchanging for goods or services, but they are also needed in order to pay for upgrades to the player's worktable and house levels, as well as their workshop yard size.

Shops Gols can be spent or possibly earned at include the following:

Gols can also be used to purchase upgrades for the player's crafting stations and house at A&G Construction, to pay for the subscription for the delivery service from the Tree Farm or Dana's Mining Company, to rent or purchase a horse at Rent-a-Horse, to change the player's appearance at the Barber Shop, or to pay for the commissions the player posts at the Civil Corps board.

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