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Menu handbook

The Handbook is given to the player by Presley at the start of My Time at Portia, after he introduces the player to their new Workshop. Both the Workshop and Handbook originally belonged to the player's father, who had written and illustrated the Handbook to remind himself how to craft basic items.


The Handbook is used to guide the player on what materials they need to craft items on the Assembly Station, and contains all of the Assembly Station blueprints and Worktable recipes known to the player. More blueprints are unlocked as the player turns in Data Discs to Petra, participates in main missions, or buys the necessary crafting books, though the player will need to upgrade their Assembly Station and Worktable at A&G Construction to build more complex items.

The Handbook can be accessed by selecting its tab in the the Inventory menu, or directly accessed by pressing H (if using the keyboard on PC versions).

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