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Hazardous Ruins are ruins from the Age of Darkness dotted throughout the land, populated with hostile enemies that have taken residence in the dangerous environments. They offer rare Treasure Chests, loot, materials, and items for tough explorers to plunder, but are generally closed off to the public until given special clearance. The Civil Corps is responsible for investigating and allowing access to Hazardous Ruins.

Introduction Edit

Every ruin has multiple levels, and each level spans across multiple floors. Each level entered costs a set amount of time to enter, meaning that time inside the ruins freezes and more time is not consumed while within the level or when advancing to the next floor.

Most floors must be cleared of all enemies to advance, though some floors simply require navigating through obstacles to reach the next floor. Treasure chests and/or smashable Wooden Crates can be found on most floors.

The player has a set amount of attempts, or lives, to complete a level, though the player also has the option to quit at any time in the middle of a level to return to the overworld.

Sewage Plant Edit

Sewage Plant Ruins Entrance

Entrance to Sewage Plant Ruins

The toxic Sewage Plant ruins are located past in the northeast inner city of Portia, gated off within the Collapsed Wasteland. To enter the Sewage Plant, the player needs to prove their strength by sparring with a Civil Corps member in Mission: Hazardous Ruins and surviving until the timer runs out.

This Hazardous Ruin features many toxic enemies, noxious gas jets, and green, acidic water that causes damage for every second of contact.

Sewage Plant
Recommended Player Level Time Consumed Guaranteed Loot
Level 1 Lv.10~Lv.15 3hr 0min
Simple CircuitsSimple Circuits

Simple Circuits x2
Small EngineSmall Engine

Small Engine
Simple AntidoteSimple Antidote

Simple Antidote x3
Level 2 Lv.15~Lv.18 3hr 0min
Small Silicon ChipSmall Silicon Chip

Small Silicon Chip
Blood StoneBlood Stone

Blood Stone x2
Tempering LiquidTempering Liquid

Tempering Liquid
Level 3 Lv.18~Lv.21 4hr 0min
Industrial EngineIndustrial Engine

Industrial Engine
Small Silicon ChipSmall Silicon Chip

Small Silicon Chip
Tempering LiquidTempering Liquid

Tempering Liquid
Level 4 Lv.22~Lv.24 5hr 0min
Industrial EngineIndustrial Engine

Industrial Engine
Data DiscData Disc

Data Disc x2
Tempering LiquidTempering Liquid

Tempering Liquid

Monsters Edit

Sewage Plant Ruins Platforming

Platforming level

Sewage Plant Ruins Boss Arena

Boss Arena

Levels 1 & 2
The upper levels include Plierimps, Masked Fiends, Slow Gooeys, and Jump Dancers.

  • Plierimps jump evasively and do melee damage with their heavy pliers.
  • Masked Fiends stay stationary and shoot poisonous darts that can poison on impact.
  • Slow Gooeys are virtually stationary, but spew clouds of poisonous gas.
  • Jump Dancers leap and deliver venomous bites.

Levels 3 & 4
The lower two levels add Bandirats and Redrats to the above lineup.

  • Bandirats run forward and do straightforward melee damage.
  • Redrats stay mostly stationary and hurl fiery canisters or blow streams of fire.


Main article: Chemical Dropout

Each level houses a Chemical Dropout in the final room.

Chemical Dropout levels
Ruin Level Boss Level
Level 1 Level 17
Level 2 Level 19
Level 3 Level ??
Level 4 Level ??


Loot commonly dropped by monsters includes Copper Wire, Old Parts, Tempering Liquid, Venom, Teeth, Copper Bar, and Gols.

Chests offer Blood Stones and rare technological materials such as Small Engines, Lubricant, Data Discs, Small Silicon Chips, Springs, Valves, and Simple Circuits.

Killing the Boss on each level for the first time will reward you with a one-time loot item instead of the middle item shown for clearing the Level. For the 1st Level's Boss, you get one Casual Clothes jacket instead of a Small Engine. For the 2nd Level's Boss, you get the Enhanced Iron Sword Recipe instead of 2 Blood Stones. For the 3rd Level's Boss, you get a Ruin Driver's Hat instead of 1 Small Silicon Chip. For the 4th Level's Boss, you get a Lion's Claw weapon instead of 2 Data Discs. Of those one-time drops, Lion's Claws is the only unique item that cannot be obtained elsewhere.

Ingall's Mine Edit

Ingall's Mine exterior2

Entrance to Ingall's Mine

Ingall's Mine is an abandoned mine in the Eufaula Desert that is home to 2 different variants and 2 different mechanical bosses. Players will need to complete the Mission: Rescue in Ingall's Mine before being allowed to enter the ruins. A few days after completion, a letter will arrive, stating that the Civil Corps have surveyed the area and declared it to be a new Hazardous Ruin open to all.
20190127213502 1-bicubic
Middle Level (Level 2): Spawning around 3-4 Floors, the player will have to kill around 8-24 enemies (includes boss) depending on the floor layout. There are also 1-4 possible blue chest locations.

Monsters Edit

Upper Level (Level 1) consists of Level 35 Flame Variant and Level 37 Miner Variant.

Middle Level (Level 2) consists of Level 39 Flame Variant and Level 40 Miner Variant.

Middle Level 2 (Level 3) (...)

The Boss on Upper Level (Level 1) is a Level 38 Digger AI. On Middle Level (Level 2) is a Level 42 Piggy-bot 007. On Lower Level (Level 3) is a Level 54 Chief Honcho. On Deep Level (Level 4) is a Level 55 Chief Honcho

Loot Edit

Upper Level (Level 1) Edit

When killing the Digger AI for the first time, he will drop a Nova Sword.

Blue chests in this level spawns Silicon Chipset, Condensed Power Stone, Small Dagger (uncommon)

Brown chests in this level spawns Small Silicon Chip, Tempering Liquid, Nitre

Middle Level (Level 2)Edit

Blue Chests in this level spawns Silicon Chipset, Condensed Power Stone, Carving Knife (uncommon), and Multi-function Knife (uncommon).

Lower Level (Level 3)Edit

When killing Chief Honcho for the first time, he will drop a Traveler's Jacket

Deep Level (Level 4) Edit

When killing Chief Honcho for the first time, he will drop an Adventurer's Cap

Deepest Ruin Edit

Main article: Deepest Ruin

The Deepest Ruin is a late-game ruin in the Somber Marsh, spanning across dozens of floors. Many rare materials, including Carbon Fiber, Military Engines, and Compressors can be obtained here, as well as the powerful sword Macuahuitl.

Challenger's Coin
The player can earn Challenger's Coins here to spend on special Buff items from the Vending Machine, which can only be consumed in the Deepest Ruin.

Up to 19 levels can be completed per day.