Helpers are NPCs that help maintain the Workshop throughout the day. They do not stay at the workshop all day, but will visit multiple times per day to tend to it. Their potential services include refueling machines and picking up finished products, feeding animals and picking up any drops, and harvesting and fertilizing crops. They can only use resources put in a Helper's Storage Box, and will place all collected items in the Resource Chest next to the Mailbox.

Helpers do benefit from your 'Farm Guru' skill so it is never less efficient to have them Farm on your behalf.

The main helper the player is likely to have is Ack. After completing his requirements, he can be hired for 1200Gols per month. This cost can be reduced by building your relationship with him.

Spouse HelpersEdit

The other helper the player can have is their spouse, though not all Romanceable characters will be helpers.



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