Higgins' Workshop is the workplace of Higgins, the most successful builder in Portia. Higgins spends almost all of his time at his workshop, competing with the player to stay on top and complete the most commissions for the Commerce Guild.

The building is located in Central Plaza, near the Wishing Tree, Barber Shop, and the eastern city gate. Outside the building, there are crafting stations and occasionally items that Higgins left outside. If the player approaches the workshop or steals items, he gets extremely aggravated; he even falsely accuses the player of theft during Grand Theft Pickaxe.


Higgins' Workshop remains inaccessible to the player for the most part of the game. The player enters Higgins' Workshop together with Presley during The Builder Bout endgame mission, and is able to enter the building anytime afterwards.

The workshop's interior consists of a Worktable, a number of crafting stations and Safety Boxes, and a small living area in the back with Fireplace, Plain Bed, Wooden Drawers, Ocean Blue Carpets and other decor.


Grand Theft Pickaxe
Upon approaching Higgins at his workshop, Higgins accuses the player of stealing his Bronze Pickaxe.

Stealing from HigginsEdit

Each day, a Copper or Bronze Bar will spawn in one of Higgins's Industrial Furnaces outside his workshop, which he will pick up once he returns between 9:00-9:45 from claiming a commission from the Commerce Guild board on weekdays. On Saturdays and Sundays Higgins does not pick the bar up until afternoon. verify ]

The player can pick up the bar as long as Higgins has not picked it up yet. The bar is considered a gatherable material: it gives the player 50 Experience points when collected and is affected by the Lucky Me gathering skill, making it possible to have a 30% chance to collect two bars per day with the skill maxed.

If the player picks up the bar while in Higgins' presence, he will immediately incite a sparring match with the player. The match costs 15 Icon SP and will count towards the player's daily spar count with Higgins if they have not hit the maximum yet, but will still occur if the daily maximum has already been reached.


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