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Housewarming Gift Set is a console-exclusive special item that contains several items.

Obtaining Edit

Housewarming Gift Set is an in-game console-exclusive item that is given to players who pre-ordered My Time at Portia on the Switch, Xbox One, or Playstation 4 (a.k.a. the console versions).

The Housewarming Gift Set downloads automatically at launch on the digital version of the game, while owners of the physical version of the game are advised to ask their retailer on how to acquire the item (likely through a code printed on the receipt or sent via email).[1] In-game, the Housewarming Gift Set will be waiting in the player's mailbox outside the gate to their Workshop, attached to a thank-you letter.

As of PC version 2.0.137299, the Housewarming Gift Set cannot be obtained on the PC version of My Time at Portia without modding.

Usage Edit

The Housewarming Gift Set can be opened from within the player's inventory to find the following items, which, collectively, are also referred to as the Housewarming Gift Set:


  • Though not currently available on PC, the items in the Housewarming Gift Set were discovered in the PC version's files shortly before the release of the console versions. However, the items had different names: Casual Jacket, Shredded Jeans, Beef Jerky, Rainbow Jam, Winged Lion, Goolo Goolo Clock, and Coin Bag. Likewise, the Housewarming Gift Set item itself also had a different name: Special Gift Box.



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