Huss is a villain that the player must confront during the main storyline of the game. Huss, or Agent H. as he called himself in his first appearance, is a thief in Portia. He can always be found with his brother, Tuss, usually getting into some kind of trouble.

He first appeared in Mission: The Debt Collectors, introduced in the Photography Update.


Personal LifeEdit

Not much is known, him and his brother are troublemakers.

Outside of missions it is hinted that they live in a "hideout"

Physical AppearanceEdit

A man of average stature, his belly shows in his sprite.

Related CharactersEdit

Huss's only family in Portia is his older brother, Tuss. The two are never apart and are usually involved in some sort of crooked scheme together.

Social interactionsEdit

Huss does not have any social interactions other than basic chatting.

Social talk ChatEdit

Chat is a basic social interaction. As a stranger, chatting with Huss does not increase his relationship points as Huss cannot be befriended; subsequent chatting, on the same day, only results in the same conversation.

The Perfect Trap
Huss Bro wants to go find and defeat the rogue knight so we can make some money.


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