Industrial Cutter is a crafting station that is used for crafting planks and plates. It can also be donated to the Museum.

Obtaining Edit

In order to craft the Industrial Cutter the player needs to obtain its diagram first. To do so the player would need to give 10 Data Discs to Petra at the Research Center and wait for 4 days before obtaining this diagram in the mail.

Industrial Cutter can be crafted using the Assembly Station:

Assembly StationAssembly Station Assembly Station
Item Materials
Industrial CutterIndustrial Cutter
Industrial Cutter
Simple CircuitsSimple Circuits
Simple Circuits
Carbon Steel BarCarbon Steel Bar
10 Carbon Steel Bar
Grinding SawGrinding Saw
Grinding Saw

Usage Edit

Industrial Cutter is primary used as a crafting station or as a material for crafting Comprehensive Cutter. It can also be donated to the Museum or requested in a commission.


Crafting stationEdit

Industrial Cutter is used to process wood, hardwood, ironwood, marble, and ingots into planks and plates.

Industrial Cutter uses Power Stones as fuel (up to 5). Crafting requires the cutter to be fueled for a certain amount of time. Upon running out of fuel, the production is halted mid process until more fuel is added.

Only one type of item can be produced at a time. Up to 25 of the same item can be queued to craft at one time.

Industrial Cutter can also be placed inside the Factory. It provides 10 Cutter slots for crafting when placed.

Cutter iconIndustrial Cutter Cutting
Item Time Materials
Hardwood PlankHardwood Plank
Hardwood Plank
1h 36m
Copper PlateCopper Plate
Copper Plate
1h 12m
Copper BarCopper Bar
Copper Bar
Bronze PlateBronze Plate
Bronze Plate
1h 4m
Bronze BarBronze Bar
Bronze Bar
Marble PlankMarble Plank
Marble Plank
1h 12m
Wooden BoardWooden Board
Wooden Board
1h 12m
Steel PlateSteel Plate
Steel Plate
2h 24m
Carbon Steel BarCarbon Steel Bar
Carbon Steel Bar
Iron Wooden PlankIron Wooden Plank
Iron Wooden Plank
Aluminum PlateAluminum Plate
Aluminum Plate
2h 24m
Stainless AluminumStainless Aluminum
Stainless Aluminum
Composite Wooden BoardComposite Wooden Board
Composite Wooden Board
1h 36m
10 Wood
Tree SapTree Sap
Tree Sap
Igneous BrickIgneous Brick
Igneous Brick
1h 12m
Igneous RockIgneous Rock
Igneous Rock

Assembly StationEdit

Industrial Cutter is a required ingredient when crafting the following item:

Level 2 Assembly StationLevel 2 Assembly Station Level 2 Assembly Station
Item Materials
Comprehensive CutterComprehensive Cutter
Comprehensive Cutter
Industrial CutterIndustrial Cutter
Industrial Cutter
Industrial FurnaceIndustrial Furnace
Industrial Furnace
Steel ShellSteel Shell
Steel Shell
Steel PlateSteel Plate
Steel Plate


Industrial Cutter is occasionally requested on the Commissions Board in a Rank B or SS commission.


Industrial Cutter can be donated to the Portia Museum as a Medium Assembled Item. When donated, the player earns Prompt guild Reputation +25.


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