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The inventory is a collection of gathered items that is stored in the player's backpack. The inventory page also displays basic character information, such as character level, health, stamina, endurance, attack, and defense points. Worn equipment is displayed on the left side of the inventory, containing headwear, upper body clothing, legwear, and three slots for accessories.

Inventory Full
Inventory is Full
Inventory Slot Empty
Empty Slot
Inventory Slot Locked
Locked Slot

At the start of the game, the player has 16 available slots of inventory space, along with 8 available slots in the quickbar. There is a maximum of 120 inventory slots, for a total of 128 slots, including the quickbar.

Items can be sorted or abandoned by entering the inventory menu. Selecting an item displays its information, such as description, location, and selling price. The amount of gols currently in possession can also be viewed in the inventory.

If the inventory is full of items, no additional items (that do not stack with any of the items already in the inventory) can be obtained in the overworld, treasure chests, shops, or through other means. Extra items from quarrying, harvesting, etc. are stored in temporary chests on the ground and are collected automatically when approached with free inventory slots.


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The quickbar, also known as toolbar or hotbar, is the inventory row that is always shown at the bottom of the screen while navigating the world or looking at the full inventory.

Items stored in the quickbar can be used to do actions, such as attacking, using tools, or using other items like the Feather Duster and Bubble Wand. The Cardboard Box can be worn while selected as the active item. Consumables, such as food and restorative items, can be consumed from either the quickbar while in the world or the inventory screen.

To use or consume items, the item must first be Yellow cursor box selected as the active item.

Armor and accessories[]

There are 3 available slots for equipped clothing and 3 more slots for equipped accessories. All 6 slots are available from the start of the game, and no more clothing or accessory slots can be unlocked later on. The player's default outfit (visible when no top or bottom clothing item is equipped) is not considered an item and is thus not shown in the clothing slots.

Equipped Head
Head Slot
Equipped Chest
Chest Slot
Equipped Leg
Leg Slot
Equipped Accessory
Accessory 1
Equipped Accessory
Accessory 2
Equipped Accessory
Accessory 3

Item stacking[]

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Inventory menu

Inventory page with stacked items

Identical items will be stacked together to lessen the amount of inventory space being taken. Items can stack up to 999 identical items per inventory slot. Any leftover items surpassing the maximum capacity will take another slot. Weapons, tools, equipment, and other important items cannot be stacked together, therefore each item takes up 1 slot, even if items are identical.

Stacks can be separated by holding "Shift" and clicking on an item. The user interface will allow the player to specify the quantity of the item to destack.

Unlocking more inventory slots[]

Inventory Slot Locked Selected

A locked inventory slot, selected

At first, the inventory can only hold 16 items. The inventory can be expanded by purchasing the next row with gols. Selecting any locked slot will display the option to purchase more inventory space. After paying the necessary amount, one row of inventory space is immediately unlocked. (If there were any items left on the ground near the player prior to unlocking more inventory space, these items will then fly into the newly unlocked slots.)

PC (mouse+keyboard)
Move cursor to any locked slot, Mouse left left-click on it, then click on the Unlock button.
Select the inventory space using the L analog stick, then press R3 to unlock the selected row.
Move Yellow cursor box yellow outline cursor to any locked slot, then press R analog stick.
Xbox One | PC (Xbox controller)
Move to any locked Slot, then press the R analog stick (R3)
Row expansion Total Slots Cost
First 24 Gols 400
Second 32 Gols 600
Third 40 Gols 900
Fourth 48 Gols 1300
Fifth 56 Gols 2000
Sixth 64 Gols 3000
Seventh 72 Gols 4500
Eighth 80 Gols 6800
Ninth 88 Gols 10200
Tenth 96 Gols 15300
Eleventh 104 Gols 23000
Twelfth 112 Gols 34500
Thirteenth 120 Gols 51800

Storing items outside the player's inventory[]

Main article: Storage

Many furniture items can be used to store items that the player does not want to carry with them. Storage furniture ranges from storage boxes, which hide away items in their own inventory menus, to tables, shelving units, cabinets, and closets for items to be displayed on.