Irrigation Flooring is a farming equipment used to automatically fertilize planter boxes.

Obtaining Edit

Irrigation Flooring can be purchased at the following shop:

Store In Stock Price
Farm Store icoChurch Store
Church Store
50 1 Data Disc


Irrigation Flooring is used as farming equipment. It can also be recycled.


Irrigation Flooring can be placed on the ground in the player's yard. It takes up 2x2 squares and can be used together with Irrigation Tower to automatically supply fertilizer to Small and Large Planter Boxes. Irrigation Towers and Large Planter Boxes fit on four tiles of Irrigation Flooring, while Small Planter Boxes fit on one tile of Irrigation Flooring.

In order for the system to work, the tower and every planter box needs to be placed completely on top of a connected path of Irrigation Flooring. Flooring is considered connected when at least one of its sides is touching another piece of flooring. After placing both the Irrigation Flooring and at least one Irrigation Tower, the player can then fill the tower(s) up with Fertilizer.

Like other flooring items, once placed, Irrigation Flooring can be removed by hitting it with any axe twice or by using a Vacuum Cleaner. Items or structures placed on top of the flooring must be moved off before the flooring can be removed.

Crops grown from Special Giant SeedsEdit

The Irrigation Tower can hold only 30 units of Fertilizer, making it difficult to keep a large number of planter boxes fertilized at maximum level. If the player wants to place first in the Autumn Festival with a crop grown from the Mysterious Man's Special Giant Seeds, it is vital to keep these planter boxes at maximum fertilization at all times. Thus, it may be advisable to set up these planter boxes on a separate segment of Irrigation Flooring linked to its own Irrigation Tower, and to fully stock this tower with Fertilizer every day.


Irrigation Flooring can be placed in the Recycle Machine to produce the following items:

Recycle MachineRecycle Machine Recycle Machine
Item Type Time Returns
Irrigation FlooringIrrigation Flooring
Irrigation Flooring
Furniture 15m

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