Jacket is a console-exclusive piece of clothing that can be worn on the torso. It goes with the Ripped Jeans.

Obtaining Edit

Jacket can be obtained by opening a Housewarming Gift Set.

As of PC version 2.0.137299, the Jacket cannot be obtained on the PC version of My Time at Portia without modding.

Usage Edit

Jacket is a clothing item that can be equipped in the player's torso slot. It boosts the player's Defense by 20 and maximum Stamina by 15. It also boosts melee and ranged critical damage by 30%.

Jacket cannot be revised.


  • Though not currently available on PC, the items in the Housewarming Gift Set were discovered in the PC version's files shortly before the release of the console versions. However, the items had different names: Casual Jacket, Shredded Jeans, Beef Jerky, Rainbow Jam, Winged Lion, Goolo Goolo Clock, and Coin Bag. Likewise, the Housewarming Gift Set item itself also had a different name: Special Gift Box.
    • This is also the reason why these items have a PC-specific description, despite not being obtainable on the PC version.


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