Joystick Piece 2 is a relic piece. It is one of the two Joystick pieces.

Obtaining Edit

Joystick Piece 2 can be found in the Abandoned Ruins #1 by using Relic Detector.

Relic Pieces ExchangeEdit

The player can also obtain Joystick Piece 2 through trading at the Relic Pieces Exchange at the Portia Museum. The following characters already own this piece and may occasionally be willing to trade it for one of their favorite relic pieces:

NPC Relic pieces requested in exchange

Usage Edit

Joystick Piece 2 is a required piece of the Joystick relic:

Recovery Machine
Item Restore time Discs needed Materials

Joystick Piece 2Joystick Piece 2

Joystick Piece 2
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