Knuckle is a melee weapon used in combat.

Obtaining Edit

Knuckle can be purchased at the following shop the next day after the player completes The Driller:

Store In Stock Price
Total Tools icoTotal Tools
Total Tools
1 5,000 Gols

Knuckle can also be found in a treasure chest in the Tree Farm. The chest is in the bushes at the southwest near to the fence and building.

Usage Edit

Knuckle can be used in combat and crafting.


Knuckle is a weapon that the player can use in combat by equipping it into an active inventory slot. It boosts the player's Attack by 90 and melee critical damage by 100%. Unlike most melee weapons, Knuckle does not have a charge attack.

Knuckle can be revised to higher stats using the Forge.


Knuckle is a required ingredient when crafting the following item:

Level 3 WorktableLevel 3 Worktable Level 3 Worktable
Item Tab Materials
Weapons icon
Materials are at the base cost without the Artisan skill, which reduces the material cost when crafting on the Worktable.

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