Lara Model is an assembled furniture item needed to hire Ack as a helper.

Obtaining Edit

Lara Model can be crafted using the Assembly Station after the player receives its diagram from Ack during the mission The Lonely Robot.

Assembly StationAssembly StationAssembly Station
Blueprint Materials
Lara ModelLara Model
Lara Model

Usage Edit

Lara Model is used in one mission. It can also be donated or placed in the Workshop to hire Ack as a helper.


One Lara Model is required to complete The Lonely Robot.


Lara Model can be placed on the ground in the player's yard as a decoration. It takes up 2x2 area and provides no attribute bonuses.

When Lara Model is placed in the player's yard after the mission, Ack will visit the Workshop to look at it. The player will be able to hire Ack as a helper once they reach Buddy status with him.


Lara Model can be donated to the Portia Museum as a Small Assembled Item. When donated, the player earns Prompt guild Reputation +10.

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