Large Drill Tip is a relic material used in crafting The Driller.


Mint sends a Large Drill Tip the player when they start The Driller mission.

Large Drill Tip is also dropped by Rock-on in the Upper Level of the Ingall's Mine or inside the Deepest Ruin.


Large Drill Tip is a required ingredient when crafting the following item:

Level 2 Assembly StationLevel 2 Assembly Station
Level 2 Assembly Station
Blueprint Materials
The DrillerThe Driller

The Driller
Jumbo TireJumbo Tire

Jumbo Tire
Steel ShellSteel Shell

Steel Shell
Rubber TireRubber Tire

Rubber Tire
Large Drill TipLarge Drill Tip

Large Drill Tip
Industrial EngineIndustrial Engine

Industrial Engine
Control PanelControl Panel

Control Panel
Single SeatSingle Seat

Single Seat
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