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Logos is one of the cities in the world of My Time at Portia. It is not part of the Alliance of Free Cities and is too far away from the Free Cities to appear on their map. Its precise location is unknown, though it can be reached from Portia via ocean travel. It is possible that Logos is somewhere to the east of Portia, on the other side of the Western Sea. Vega 5, Walnut Groove, Tallsky, Barnarock, and Seesai can also be reached from Logos via sea.[1][2]




The people of Logos are said to "know how to relax."[3]

Connections to Portia[]

Not much is known about Logos besides the following:

  • Aadit has stayed in Logos before.[3]
  • People from various cities, even as far away as Logos, are moving to the Free Cities due to their growth.[4]
  • There is a branch of the Civil Corps there.

News Reports[]



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