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After you have the diagram, construct the product on the assembly station.


The Loudspeaker can be obtained for free by giving 5 Data Discs to Petra during Mission: Panbat Infestation. The Boombox and the Loudspeaker can be taken simultaneously by providing 8 Data Disks altogether. However, if only the Loudspeaker is taken, the other diagram is given at the end of the year through the mail.

Alternatively, the diagram can be bought from the Research Center Exchange for 11 Data Discs.


Loudspeaker (Diagram) can be used to learn how to make Loudspeakers.

Assembly StationAssembly Station
Assembly Station
Item Materials

Copper PlateCopper Plate

9 Copper Plate
Simple CircuitsSimple Circuits

2 Simple Circuits
Copper CoilCopper Coil

2 Copper Coil
Hardwood PlankHardwood Plank

4 Hardwood Plank


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