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The Civil Corps in the northern Free Cities town of Lucien guard against the ever present pressure from the Duvos Empire.
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Lucien is a city northwest of Portia. It is a member of the Alliance of Free Cities. It shares borders with Duvos, Atara, and The Peripheries.


Lucien is a land of extreme political strife, where the Duvos Empire is a constant threat. It was mostly destroyed during the war between Duvos and the Alliance.

Connections to Portia[]

Not much is known about Lucien besides the following:

News reports[]

The following stories are published in the Portia Times during the game:

Analysis of the Orzu Ruins Situation
Professor Longstone of the University of Atara

Going by history, there is no question that the Orzu Ruins belongs to Ethea, one of the oldest existing states. In fact, Ethea existed as an entity very soon after people went underground after the Day of Calamity 330 years ago. While the extent of the borders of Ethea is debatable, since for so long it existed as a loose confederation instead of a political union, there's no debate when it comes to the Orzu region. Etheans have dived in these ruins for the last 250 years. Even Peach mentioned going there in his journals. Duvos does not have anything to stand on for their claim, other than they have an army stationed there.

While people have different speculations as to why Duvos is interested in these ruins, I think they're after the large amount of power stones and industrial engines under the Orzu Ruins. One must remember that Duvos fought a war with the Alliance of Free Cities over the ruins of Lucien for these exact same resources. Even though that war technically ended as a draw, Lucien was almost wiped out while the Empire barely suffered any structural damage.

In the bigger geopolitical picture, Duvos wants to gain a distinct advantage vis-a-vis Seesai. While it has less people and less resources overall, Seesai has good to great relations will almost every state on its border, except Duvos. I think the Emperor of Duvos wants to disturb or break this balance of power anyway he can to reach hegemony. That's why we have the current contentions at the Orzu Ruins.

What is strange however is the deafening silence coming from Atara. Ethea is not a part of the alliance; they are, however, the cultural home of our ancestors. Even though we have just signed a treaty of peace with Duvos, it does not mean we can just stand by while our friends face an existential threat.