For the chance item sold by the Mysterious Man that contains relic pieces, see Lucky Sack

Lucky Chest is a special item containing a random piece of furniture, chosen from a small, defined pool of possible items.

Obtaining Edit

Lucky Chest is obtained as a reward for being the #1 or #2 ranked workshop at the end of the month.

Usage Edit


Lucky Chest can be opened in the player's inventory to find one piece of furniture. The table listing the possible items is below.

While all of the furniture items obtainable from a Lucky Chest are fairly rare, only the Leather Chair, Little Bear Sofa, and Llama Sculpture cannot be obtained elsewhere.

All of the items have an equal chance of appearing, but the result is not hard-set into the owned Lucky Chest. Therefore, if the player does not get the item they want, they can reload the day and try opening the same Lucky Chest again for a different item.

Lucky Chest Lucky Chest contents
Item Name Attribute bonus Sell price
Cushioned CouchCushioned Couch Cushioned Couch Max Icon SP +6 300Gols
Cushioned StoolCushioned Stool Cushioned Stool Max Icon HP +3 90Gols
File CabinetFile Cabinet File Cabinet Max Icon SP +8 250Gols
Leather ChairLeather Chair Leather Chair Max Icon SP +5 125Gols
Little Bear SofaLittle Bear Sofa Little Bear Sofa Max Icon HP +8 200Gols
Llama SculptureLlama Sculpture Llama Sculpture Defense +18 1,500Gols
Plaid RugPlaid Rug Plaid Rug None 150Gols
Square TableSquare Table Square Table Defense +14 500Gols


Lucky Chest can be given as a gift to other characters. It is a universally neutral gift.

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