Map Portia

One of the most important resources the player has is their Map, which helps them to navigate Portia, find characters, and view where objectives are for missions and commissions.

Using the mapEdit

There are various basic icons for navigating the map. Certain icons, such as those representing NPCs, may be upgraded to display more information as the player increases their Relationship with them.

Certain map icons and place names can be individually toggled on or off in the map settings, located in the lower left of the map screen.

Icon Legend
Icon Description Icon Description
Map Icon Player Location Player Map Icon Stranger Location Location of NPC who is not a friend yet
Map Icon Friend Location Ack Location of NPC who is a friend
Lower opacity indicates the NPC is indoors
Map Icon Creature LocationMonster icon Colorful Llama Animals and other monsters
Map Icon Play Play partner Map Icon Date Date partner
Play date eat Date activity Mission Area Mission area
Social Date Area Date area Land Run Starting Area Land Run starting area
Map Icon Mission Guide Points in the direction of ongoing missions Map Icon Mission New A new main mission is available
Map Icon Mission Follow Up It's time to follow up on a main mission Map Icon Mission Place Item Place an item here for a main mission
Map Icon Side Quest New A new mission is available Map Icon Side Quest Follow Up It's time to follow up on a side mission
Map Icon Side Quest Place Item Place an item here for a side mission Map Icon Wish An NPC has a Wish
Map Icon Dee-Dee Stop Dee-dee Stop location Map Icon Fishing Spot Fishing spot location
Map Icon Bus Long-Haul Bus location Map Icon Mount Mount location
Icon A&G Construction A&G Construction Catalog Icon A&G Construction Store A&G Construction Store
Icon Alice's Flower Shop Alice's Flower Shop Icon Badge Exchange Badge Exchange
Icon Best Brother Best Brother Icon Church Store Church Store
Icon Civil Corps Civil Corps Map Icon Civil Corps Commissions Board Civil Corps Commission Board
Icon Clothing Store Clothing Store Icon Dana's Mining Company Dana's Mining Company
Icon Dr. Xu's Clinic Dr. Xu's Clinic Icon Emily's Food Stall Emily's Food Stall
Icon Farm Store Farm Store Map Icon Gift Exchange Gift Exchange
Map Icon Harbor Trade Station Harbor Trade Station Icon Martha's Bakery Martha's Bakery
Icon McD's Jumpin' Livestock McD's Jumpin' Livestock Map Icon Mysterious Man Mysterious Man
Social Relic Trade Relic Pieces Exchange Icon Rent-a-Horse Rent-a-Horse
Icon Research Center Exchange Research Center Exchange Map Icon South Block Trade Post South Block Trade Post
Icon The Round Table The Round Table Icon The Round Table Food Store
Icon Tody's Fish-O-Rama Tody's Fish-o-Rama Icon Total Tools Total Tools
Icon Tree Farm Tree Farm

Dee-Dee Transport SystemEdit

Main article: Dee-Dee Transport System

The Dee-Dee Transport System is a free fast travel service that becomes available after completing the mission Dee-Dee Stops Here. The player can place five main and ten optional Dee-Dee stops and fast travel between them.

Noteworthy locationsEdit

Prompt city


Near PortiaEdit

The Eufaula DesertEdit

The Somber MarshEdit



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