Marble Fence Portion 3 is an outdoor furniture item used to create fences on the player's property.

Other items that can be used to create marble fences are Marble Fence Portion 1 and Marble Fence Portion 2.

Obtaining Edit

Marble Fence Portion 3 can be purchased at the following shop:

Store In Stock Price
Icon A&G Construction StoreA&G Construction Store
A&G Construction Store
50 100Gols

Usage Edit

Marble Fence Portion 3 is used A&G Construction to change the appearance of the outer Workshop fence. It can also be placed in the Workshop.


25 Marble Fence Portions are required when ordering the construction of the Marble Fence at A&G Construction.


Marble Fence Portion 3 can be placed on the ground in the player's yard as a decoration. It takes up 1x1 area and provides no stat bonuses. Marble Fence Portion 3 can be dyed with one Pigments.


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