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Martha's Bakery is run by Martha and is located in the Central Plaza.

Relationship discount[]

The player can get up to 25% discount while shopping at Martha's Bakery if they become friends with Martha.


The store is stocked with сonsumables. Fruit Tarts are only sold on rainy days.

Martha's BakeryMartha's Bakery Martha's Bakery
Item Name Amount Price Weather
Baked BreadBaked Bread Baked Bread 10 60Gols.png SunnyCloudyOvercastRainSnow
Nori BurritoNori Burrito Nori Burrito 10 176Gols.png SunnyCloudyOvercastRainSnow
Mushroom Crepe with Fruit SauceMushroom Crepe with Fruit Sauce Mushroom Crepe with Fruit Sauce 10 132Gols.png SunnyCloudyOvercastRainSnow
Fruit TartFruit Tart Fruit Tart 10 39Gols.png Rain


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Martha's Bakery will purchase the following items from the player: