Monster icon Masked Fiend

Masked Fiends are monsters that can be hunted for loot. They can only be found in Hazardous Ruins.


Masked Fiends can be found on Levels 2-4 of the Sewage Plant hazardous ruin.

Masked Fiends also spawn on Floors 1-60 of the Deepest Ruin.


While not in melee range, Masked Fiends will attempt to shoot the Builder with poisoned harpoon-like projectiles.

While in melee range, they will attempt to hit the Builder with their wrench.


Levels ExpExp Items
18-20 140 Copper WireCopper Wire (1)
VenomVenom (61%)
Copper PipeCopper Pipe (18%)
SpringSpring (18%)
WrenchWrench (18%)
Old PartsOld Parts (10%)
21-23 160 Copper WireCopper Wire (1)
VenomVenom (1)
Copper PipeCopper Pipe (21%)
SpringSpring (21%)
WrenchWrench (21%)
Old PartsOld Parts (10%)


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