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McBurger ico

McBurger is a shop owned by McDonald. It is located in Central Plaza on Wednesdays and Fridays and is unlocked after the player completes McDonald's friendship mission Dreaming Burger Shop.


The player will have to craft a Burger Stall for McDonald during his Dreaming Burger Shop mission to help him open his shop. Afterwards McDonald will run to Central Plaza every Wednesday and Friday and open his stall there when he arrives.


McDonald sells only Pepperiffic Beef Burgers which can be eaten or gifted.

McBurger icoMcBurger McBurger
Item Name Amount Price
Pepperiffic Beef BurgerPepperiffic Beef Burger Pepperiffic Beef Burger 10 60 Gols

Buyback itemsEdit

McBurger's buyback items list is very limited. McDonald will only buy the following items from the player: BeefBeef
Chili PepperChili Pepper

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