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McD's Jumpin' Livestock ico.png
Oh ho, lookin' for a baby livestock? You came to the right place.

McD's Jumpin' Livestock is a store run by McDonald, located in Sophie's Ranch. McDonald sells baby livestock used for animal raising.

Relationship discount[]

The player can get up to 25% discount when shopping at McD's Jumpin' Livestock if they become best friends with McDonald.


The store is the only place in the game where the player can purchase farm animals. It is also stocked with cooking ingredients.

Unlike most of the other stores, McD's Jumpin' Livestock does not purchase any items from the player.

McD's Jumpin' LivestockMcD's Jumpin' Livestock McD's Jumpin' Livestock
Item Name Amount Price
CalfCalf Calf 10 200Gols.png
LambLamb Lamb 10 160Gols.png
ChickChick Chick 10 100Gols.png
DucklingDuckling Duckling 10 100Gols.png
BeefBeef Beef 999 20Gols.png
ChickenChicken Chicken 999 16Gols.png