Merry Go Around is a furniture item the player can use alone or together with their spouse to get a buff.

Obtaining Edit

Merry Go Around can be purchased at the following shop:

Store In Stock Price
Icon A&G Construction StoreA&G Construction Store
A&G Construction Store
1 20,000 Gols


Merry Go Around can be placed on the ground anywhere inside the player's house or their yard. It takes up 6x6 space and provides no stat bonuses. Merry Go Around cannot be dyed using Pigments.

Merry Go Around can be interacted with to ride on it. The player can ride it alone or together with their spouse.

Using the Merry Go Around will give the player a +5% Defense buff for 360 seconds. Only one of the spouse furniture buffs (Double Fitness Mat, Double Lounge Chair, Double Rocking Chair, or Merry Go Around) can be active at a time, though the player's spouse does not have to be participating in the activity for the buff to activate.


  • Merry Go Around is the only spouse furniture that can be used without a spouse.
  • Merry Go Around was previously called Mini Carousel and had the following item description: Cozy furniture that is made by a famous architect, who comes across as snobby.


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