A Gift for Brother is a secondary mission.


The player must be dating Ginger.

Conduct of the missionEdit

Ginger tells the player that she wants to make something special for Gust and asks to bring her a few materials:

Ginger Gust is going away in Atara soon for the design competition. He's put a lot of preparation for it, so I want to make him a Yu-Pei jewelry for good luck.
Do you need me to do anything?
Ginger Well, I do need materials. Some Blood Stones and Resin will do. Could you please bring me these things?

Collect MaterialsEdit

The player needs to collect the following materials:

When the player brings the materials to Ginger she says:

Ginger Thank you. Now I can get started on the Yu-Pei.

This ends the mission.


Exp Experience +600
Gols Gols +200
Ginger Ginger: Relationship +25

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