A New Training Dummy is one of Arlo's friendship missions.


The player must be buddies (2 Heart) or higher with Arlo.

There is a time limit of 7 days to complete the mission. verify ]

Required stationsEdit

The player must have the following to complete this mission:

Conduct of the missionEdit

Once Arlo and the player become buddies Arlo has a mission for the player to pick up:

Arlo Player, just the person I'm looking for!
What can I do for you, Arlo?
Arlo Well, I was going through my usual training regiment last night, and as I was completing my 500th punch, my training dummy broke. I need a replacement as soon as possible!
That's a lot of punches, anything will(sic) break from that!
Arlo I'm counting on your skill to craft me a training dummy that won't. Think you're up to the challenge?"
  • Okay, sure!
  • I'm sorry, I've got other things to do.
→  Okay, sure!
Arlo Excellent! I'm eager to return to my usual routine. I think the diagram for the Training Dummy is for exchange at the Research Center, I've seen it before.
→  I'm sorry, I've got other things to do.
Arlo I understand, it's no easy task. I'll see if the other Builders can help.

This ends dialog, but the conversation can be continued by talking to Arlo and selecting the mission, A New Training Dummy.

Arlo Ready to make a new Training Dummy for me?

Waiting several days without accepting the mission will cause the mission to permanently disappear.

Craft Edit

The player can go buy the Training Dummy crafting book at the Research Center Exchange for 2 Data Discs.

The Training Dummy can be crafted at the Worktable after using the crafting book:

Item Tab Materials
Furniture icon

After crafting the Training Dummy the player can speak to Arlo to give it to him:

Arlo The training dummy is finished? Great work! Let's test it out now.

Arlo will place the Training Dummy beside him and strike it a couple times, then pick it back up.

Arlo Wow! This is great!
Arlo As always, you never disappoint, Player. You have my thanks. Let's train together some time!

This ends the mission.


Exp Experience +1000
Gols Gols +500
Prompt guild Reputation +30
Arlo Arlo: Relationship +10

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