A Time for Manly Tea is a secondary mission.


The player must be Associates (1 Heart) with Paulie.

Required stationsEdit

The player must have the following to complete this mission:

Conduct of the missionEdit

Paulie wants the player to make some Multi-purpose Tea Tables for a client due to his injury when he was out punching trees:

Paulie Hello Smallish Builder! Come here, c'mon. We must discuss a matter of manly importance.
Sure, I've got time to chat.
Paulie Great news, that's great news!
Paulie You see, when I was training my body yesterday, Mars told me about a small group of warriors from Seesai who make their fists strong by punching trees. I said to myself, 'That's the manliest thing I've ever heard! I must try it! And believe me, smallish Builder, I did! Those trees felt my mighty hands. Cocoons and rubber fruit were falling everywhere! Hah hah!
Paulie But my fists could not keep up with my manly spirit. Today they're all swollen, and I can't do the fine detail work that makes my furniture truly great. It's not all hammers and saws, my little friend. This furniture takes a keen eye and quick fingers.
Paulie In a few days, I have a client coming from Sandrock to pick up some Tea Tables. But these hands are probably going to be smashed up for a while... is there any chance you can make them?
  • No problem, I can do it.
  • I'll pass. There are too many things on my plate right now.
→  No problem, I can do it.
Paulie I like your confidence! Listen here, smallish friend: a man like me does not ask for someone to do his work as a favor. I'll give you the full payment from my client in return.
Multi-purpose Tea Table (Book) +1 Multi-purpose Tea Table (Book)
→  I'll pass. There are too many things on my plate right now.
Paulie That's a shame, my friend. Oh well! We all have our own paths to follow.

Make some Tea TablesEdit

The following items are required to complete this mission:

WorktableWorktable Worktable
Item Tab Materials
Furniture icon
Materials are at the base cost without the Artisan skill, which reduces the material cost when crafting on the Worktable.

Upon giving the Multi-purpose Tea Tables to Paulie:

Paulie This is good work! Wood is sanded smooth, the legs are even... you keep this up, you could catch up to me, one day! Here's your pay!
Gols Gols +300
Paulie But listen, while you're working on this I got to thinking. Those people from Sandrock, they sure do love their desert tea. I hate the stuff myself. Tea is the least manly drink in the world!
Paulie Then I had an epiphany, what if I make the tea more manly myself? The tea can't resist my strong will! I'm not good at preparing food, so can you help me with this thought? Add Chili Pepper to a tea of your choice and see what happens!
  • Sure, sounds easy.
  • No problem, I can do it.

Make Spicy TeaEdit

Paulie wants the player to make a manly type of tea. He suggests adding Chili Pepper to the tea to make it into a Spicy Tea.

The following materials are needed to make the Spicy Tea:

Cooking SetCooking Set Cooking Set
Recipe Effect Ingredients
Icon HP -3 per second
Critical Chance +30%
Lasts 10 seconds

Upon giving the Spicy Tea to Paulie:

Paulie Yes, this is how it's done! Bottom's up!
Paulie Whaaaa! The pepper sure showed the tea who's boss! It doesn't make it a manly drink but it sure helps. Thank you for helping me, Builder. You made my mind stronger today.


Exp Experience +1000
Gols Gols +2000
Prompt guild Reputation +15
Paulie Paulie: Relationship +20

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