An Interview of Gale is a secondary mission. It triggers after the player has completed Photos of Portia.

This mission is part of the Portia Times plotline.

  1. Read All About It!
  2. News Camera
  3. Photos of Portia
  4. An Interview of Gale
  5. An Interview with the Research Center
  6. An Interview with the Church of the Light

Description Edit

Mei would like to do an interview with the Mayor. She needs you to take a few pictures for the report. She needs pictures of Gale, any Deedee station, the bridge to Amber Island, and a street light. Bring them to Mei when you're done.

Conduct of the missionEdit

Mei sends the player a letter asking to take several pictures for her interview with the Mayor:

Hey there!
What did you think of my article, huh? It's definitely got the town excited. I even had the Mayor come by the office and ask me to write an article about him!
I was thinking we could celebrate the improvements he's made around Portia.
So, your next task is to collect the following photos:
1. Mayor Gale
2. A Dee-Dee Stop
3. The Bridge to Amber Island
4. A streetlight
Come and see me when you're done!

Take pictures of: Edit

  1. Mayor Gale
  2. Dee-Dee Stop
  3. Bridge to Amber Island
  4. Streetlight

After all the photos are taken, the player must talk to Mei to complete the mission and get their rewards.

Mei Amazing work! The Mayor looks very heroic in this one. Now it's time to finish up my article!

Photo examples Edit

The following are examples of photos accepted for the mission (and by the Album). The player may need to zoom the camera in or out in order to make the Check mark icon appear on the target. If the player has already taken a photo of the target while the green check mark was visible, then the old picture can be used and the player does not have to take a new picture.

Places of interestEdit


  • Mei Relationship +30
  • Exp Experience +600
  • Gols Gols +600
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