Chip Upgrades is a main mission.


The player must be Buddies (2 Heart) with Ack.

Conduct of the missionEdit

Upon becoming buddies with Ack, Ack mentions that data chips can be inserted in his head, allowing for more cognitive functions, such as cooking, husbandry, and agriculture.

Ack I would like to remind you that you can follow or change my schedule in the Home Panel on your wall.
Ack Also, a large swatch of my task memory is corrupted, probably due to this hole on my head. I don't think I'll be able to perform all the tasks you require of me at the moment.
Ack Petra mentioned that there are still many slots available to add data chips in my head. So if we plug in chips with the task data of what you want me to do, I'll be able to perform it!
Where can we find the data chips?
Ack Petra gave me one for storing Cooking Recipes, which reminds me, you can give me new Cooking Recipes to remember as well! So maybe she has more?

Ask QuestionsEdit

Upon speaking to Petra:

Petra You want data chips for Ack? Sure, we have some in store from all the broken AIs we excavated. But, since they're rare, they'll cost you.
Petra No, I don't want money, I want Data Discs! I'll give you the data chips for Data Discs, fair trade, no?
Petra You can use the cashier counter in the Research Center for exchanges in the future.


After completing the mission, Ack will have a new option when spoken to: Upgrade. Upgrade allows Ack to learn new skills or provide additional information. He will start with the Automated Cooking upgrade active.

A number of data chips become available in the Research Center Exchange the day after the player finishes Chip Upgrades. The data chips found in the Abandoned Ruins can be found during excavations at any time, but cannot be used before completing this mission.


Exp Experience +500
Ack Ack: Relationship +10
Smoked Ham Smoked Ham +2

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